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"Creating a Lifetime Experience for YOU, Every Step of the Way"



LB Tours, LLC can make your dream vacation a reality!

Each year I plan dozens of trips for small and large groups (many of which my husband and I lead), family vacations/celebrations and foreign individual travel (FITs).  Having been in the travel business over 30 years, lived overseas for 16 and traveled to over 80 countries, there isn't much I haven't experienced.  LB Tours has been designated an Elite/Luxury travel agency by the travel consortium NEST, of which there are only 20 out of over 900 agencies.  That makes LB Tours, LLC uniquely qualified to help you plan your "trip of a lifetime."  See ten reasons to use an experienced travel agent below.

When you call or e-mail me seeking advice on travel, I will use that initial conversation to learn more about where you are interested in going, what you hope to do, how you plan to get there and get around once you are there and what your budget and timing is.  This initial consultation is always free.

I am dedicated to crafting extraordinary travel experiences for you, our clients...on every trip you book.  Because I invest a significant amount of time researching hotels, air, tours, guides, and all the while arranging the logistics so that I create an unforgettable travel experience for YOU, I have implemented a modest "commitment deposit."  This deposit will be paid up front and will be non-refundable.  For travel such as river or ocean cruising, this "commitment deposit" will be applied to the cost of your trip upon deposit/ booking and final payment.  For more involved trips, such as land FIT packages, the "commitment deposit" will be a payment toward the time and effort I put into planning your trip.  In either case, the deposit is a non-refundable consulting fee should you decide to cancel the trip.  

LB Tours has the reputation of planning exquisit, interesting trips that match your interests and are tailored to YOU.  You will spend the day immersed in the local culture and the evenings in your fabulous boutique hotel sactuary enjoying good food, libations in the company of like minded travelers.  I thank you for allowing me to manage your most valued asset, your personal time.  I look forward to being your personal consierge on your next trip. 


Contact Us

Telephone: (425)961-0583    E-mail:



1. LB Tours offers personalized leisure travel services...whether it is a photo safari or an old-word European adventure, we recognize that your travel is individual and we will work with your desires and within your budget.

2. LB Tours offers exclusive travel specials, vacation packages thru their experience and with their travel industry contacts.

3. LB Tours can help with the entire process of travel from what to pack to arriving home safely at the end of your adventure.

4. Through our contacts, we can offer the best routing be in by air, by train, by auto or ferry!.... and the best options for YOU.

5. Travel is our passion and it is what we love to do every day. Take advantage of our experience having travelled to many of the destinations, resorts, and off the beaten path destinations that we refer our clients to.

6. The experiences we gain through travel are passed on to you, our clients, to that you can have the best possible adventure.

7. Our groups include like minded travelers, many of whom travel with us time and time again. As a result, when our groups travel, we are often approached by other travelers who want to join our group because we are having so much fun.

8. We request feedback after each of our travelers return so we can learn from each experience and improve on the next adventure.