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Here we go again to one of our favorite places on earth.  Africa!  This time to East Africa where we will be in Kenya and Tanzania to see the Great Migration and all the wonderful sights that brings.  The Great Migration is an annual movement of hundreds of thousands of grazing wildebeasts and zebras as well as numerous other animals including preditors, throughout the Northern Serengeti Plain in Tanzania and Kenya.  These animals are constantly on the move, following the rains, looking for new grass. 

 As you can see from the map, the animals are in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya in August, which is the perfect time to be there.  We will spend two nights in Nairobi at the spectacular Hemmingways hotel with delux suites.  We will then transfer by air to the Masai Mara where we will stay at the Elwana Sand River Camp for three nights.  We will experience their ultra delux tents, supurb hospitality and, of course, daily morning and afternoon game drives where we will see more animals than you can imagine.  

We will then fly to clear customs at Tarime then catch our flight to Lobo airstrip where we will be met and transfered to Elewana Migration Camp , where  we will spend three additional nights at this magificent lodge.  The Serengeti Migration Camp is located at the starting point of the Great Migration - where the animals cross the Mara river - a spectacular sight to see if we are lucky.  

For some of you, who chose not to "walk with the gorillas" you will procede back to Nairobi for one last night prior to catching your flight back home.  For the rest of us, we will fly to Kigali, clear customs and then fly to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, where we will be transferred to The Bishop's House.  We will stay at The Bishop's House for two nights.  From there you will embark on one or two gorilla walks or perhaps see the Golden Monkey, or just spend a day at leasure.  After lunch the second day we will drive to Kigali where we will overnight at the Kigali Serena Hotel.  The next day we will fly back to Narobi for one more night at Hemingway's Hotel.  The next day you will depart Nairobi for one more night at Hemingways, then home.  This is truly a trip of a lifetime.  

Bill and I have done East Africa many times.  We can't get enough of it.  Each time we do it, there is something new that we have not seen.  In addition, we love taking people who have never been to East Africa and, through them, experiencing their excitement and awe of the magic of East Africa.